After getting the software installed several times, I’m now trying to get a Mikrotik LTE operational.
I´ve use your advice from: wiki.ipfire.org - Mobile Networks (LTE/4G/UMTS/3G/2G).
But it does’nt work.
At the start and with lsusb, i see the device.
But i could’nt determine the right /dev/tty… ?
Any help is welcome.

The way it looks, it won’t work anyway.

That the answer from MikroTik-Support Team:

#MikroTik LTE modem cards are intended to be used and supported in RouterBoard’s under RouterOS control. Because modems are not supported or intended to be used under other OS, we do not provide drivers/AT command set references, drivers etc, just few tips for specific cases on our wiki page.#

Did anyone else other options/ideas ?

Does anyone know an alternative miniPCIe card that really works.

What about this ones ?

PCI-E-Netzwerkkarte 100 Mbit / s 3G / 4G LTE-Modul FDD Embedded Wireless-Modul, MC7700 Mini PCI Express LTE / 4G-Kartenmodul für Windows / Linux#


Bewinner 4G EM7455 Modulkarte, Wireless EM7455 4G LTE Modules 300Mbps Netzwerkkarten Replacement 4G Modules for Dell DW5811e Qualcomm 4G LTE WWAN NGFF Card Module#

or maybe ( it would be fine, because i can get it out of an old notebook)

Lenovo ThinkPad Ericsson WWAN Modul H5321gw - FRU: 04W3786#