Apcupsd & Synology


I’m trying to get a Synology (DS216se with DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 2) to access Apcupsd on blue. Something is stuck in the understanding.
The UPS is connected to the IPFire via USB and works as it should.
green IP
blue IP

The IP should be the one of blue. Or do I have to tear a hole in the firewall to green?

apcupsd is running as the master on IPFire. Therefore you have to set up the apcupsd program on your synology system as the slave. You need to have the UPSTYPE on synology set as net instead of usb so that it will be visible to the IPFire apcupsd and on the IPFire apcupsd.conf you need to have NETSERVER on.

Your screenshots look like your synology is running windows.I do not know if the windows version of apcupsd caqn run NETSERVER or not. You probably need to check the apcupsd manual on this.

The manual also covers linking two apcupsd systems, one running as master (the one with the UPS system) and the other as a slave, both having their power provided by the UPS.

As the master apcupsd is running on IPFire then any communications from it to other systems in green, blue or orange do not need any specific firewall rules.

I have a slave apcupsd running on a machine in my orange zone and communication from IPFire to it has no problems but the system in orange is running Linux so that is my experience.

Maybe other people have experience with a windows based slave system.

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I have changed the Synology server to green.
Here the must first run


On the Synology is not running Windows that is only the user interface of the Synology in Firefox.

The documentation of the Synology on the subject of UPS is very poor.

The other servers are Ubuntuserver here it should not be a problem.

Neue Bitmap (2) - Kopie Neue Bitmap (2) - Kopie - Kopie

Can you do something with the possible values?
I have no idea what the red field is supposed to do.
It is enough that the Synology is working with a different port. :frowning:

You have set the Network UPS type to SNMP. This is Simple Network Management Protocol and is when you have a UPS that has an SNMP interface that connects to your network.

I understand that you have a USB type UPS.

In the dropdown box for the Network UPS Type is there an option of “net”. This is the type that you need if you want your IPFire apcupsd software to be visible to your synology.

I found something on Synology which suggests that you need to select the Network Type to “Synology UPS Server” enter the time after power failure that the synology should go into safe mode anf enter the IP address of your IPFire apcupsd system. You will also likely have to align the port number used in your IPFire apcupsd conf file with the port that the synology system will use.

This link is what I found. It is referring to having Synology for both your master and your slave but the principle should work with IPFire being your master system.

You want the section entitled " To enable UPS support on the client Synology NAS:"

I have been doing a bit of searching and it seems that Synology use NUT on their systems for UPS management and NUT looks to not interwork with APCUPSD.

The comment I have seen is that you either need to install APCUPSD onto the synology (I have no idea how easy or difficult that would be) or you have to replace APCUPSD on IPFire with NUT which is also available as an addon.

I have no experience with NUT but I have seen other people posting about it so there should be other people who would be able to help you.

With NUT on IPFire and on your synology then it should be easier to get them to talk to each other.

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Ok, I will try out Nut.
Let’s see if the two play together.