Anyone thought about adding kickstart?

Another name for it is NetData… I don’t know why they list it under 2 different names. Anyway, the app monitors whatever you tell it to including distant places. Pretty nice app but has a fairly steep learning curve unless you have had prior training along the lines they use. I’m playing with it right now. If you know what you are doing there isn’t much you can’t do. Again, that STEEP learning curve. I dunno. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

Maybe because in Linux Kickstart relates to a different activity related to installation.

In terms of NetData there are already similar addons available:-

  • Zabbix agent
  • Observium agent
  • NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor)
  • Monit
  • Icinga (Will be removed in CU186 as 1.x version EOL 2018)

The Zabbix agent that runs in IPFire is getting regularly updated by @robinr1 He has also created an IPFire specific Zabbix template which is covered in the Docs page on the Zabbix addon.

I would suggest evaluating Zabbix as it is already available in IPFire.

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Wow. Now that shows how dumb I am. I had never heard of kickstart until I was looking at that NetData. I guess my problem is that I am not knowledgeable in the limits of each that you named. I was looking at netdata and it had many things I need and it is up to the administrator how much of netdata is installed. That is the part I like most of all. I have run Icinga and Monit and Zabbix in the past. They are nice. And a couple have software that lets you dig down which is important to me. I am running Netdata now and so far I like it. Easiest install ever. That was the pros. The cons are very large learning curve. At least for me.
But I do thank you for your reply. You guys are so good at support and making replys. And I ALLWAYS take what you guys suggest and I find a way to implement it. Again, Thanks. (Can’t say it enough}