Any updates on IPFire 3.x?

Are there any updates on IPFire 3.x and potential test versions?

I had previously downloaded an alpha version about a year ago but I haven’t seen much status update since that time. Eagerly awaiting IPv6 support within IPFire, which as I understand it was to be included in the 3.x versions.


Unfortunately, there is no progress that I can report.

We have many projects going, but at the pace of a snail. There is significant lack of man power and we are not able to spend any time on IPFire 3 at the moment, because that time is unfortunately being spent on other projects.

You can help out with your donations of course which buys us more time, or maybe you can contribute yourself to some aspects of the project.

We are also hiring:

Michael thanks for your response.

Do you think it would be worthwhile to set a cut-off point for the 2.x versions and perhaps use a dedicated 6 month period to get the 3.x version shipped? I ask this because I do read the blog and I am remembering the blog post about how much progress was made with updating the QoS within IPFire. It seemed like a really productive cram session that updated some older bits and actually made the product much more efficient.

It seems like the the 2.x versions of IPFire are starting to distract from a more updated, future proof version. I know the data center move and rebuilding the forums to this new IPFire community also take your time and the time of the team. I’m not trying to seem ungrateful, the IPFire team has a great product. Just curious as to the viability of some cram sessions to get to a 3.x Beta version or something like that?

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