Any updated cachemanager tuning tips?

I’ve read the following pages:

But a lot of the information seems old.

In 2024, is a Squid Proxy Cache Manager even needed to be enabled? I was thinking even if speed improvements are minimal, it could also have some impact on reducing monthly internet bandwidth. Again, not by much, but every little bit can help sometimes.

I’ve googled for some sort of blog that goes over “tuning” the cachemanager that is current, but no luck. Thought I’d check here.


In my case I don’t have it turned on as 99.99% of my browsing is to https sites and therefore no caching can occur anyway.

I would doubt that your client machines will be doing much http only browsing these days.

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Excellent point. I’d forgotten that it only caches unencrypted traffic. Scratch that thought. LOL