Announcements and Other News on top?


maybe you could add a new section on top of the web-page to prominently announce new IPFire versions or other important news of interest, see hard-copy below.

Perhaps it would be additionally possible to add important linke on top, too, similar to

I would place links to the old forum and to the wiki on the upper right corner…

I do not know if those section are hard-coded modifications or if Discourse offers this already…


I tried to find something that can import the RSS feed of the blog, but sadly that doesn’t seem to exist.

And I am against having release information here, because we have a website for it. We have the blog for news updates and that is where they should stay. It only would have been cool if there was a chance to have people comment on it in here.

Discourse is great, but it cannot and should not replace everything else.

I don’t meant to replace the full release information here on top rather a single line that informs us about a new release, probably linked to the blog for full details…

Not everybody here reads the blog or follows on twitter.

But why not?

Today I received an email for testing core version 139 but I’m missing the same information here in this community.

I really would appreciate if those info is placed somewhere on top of all categories like other Discourse base community already offer.

This wish still includes links to the most relevant IPFire site like Wiki, Blog as depicted in one of my post above.

I know repeating this wish here again and again annoys you already but I find it difficult to find or access certain infos about IPFire amongst all those postings here, besides the fact, there is no information here about core 139 yet.

Pinned postings like the old forum offered would certainly round up this new community place.

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You don’t annoy me, but I still do not get your point.

Why does this have to be here as well? We don’t show this information on every page.

And I don’t have a good way to post this on Discourse because it cannot parse an RSS feed for example.

For me the Community (and Wiki) is the place I spend most of my IPFire time…

For me it is another place to look that I don’t normally visit. I almost never use twitter unless everything IPFire-ish is down (e.g., the Data Center Migration). I’m too old to have any appreciation of twitter! And the blog is another place to visit.

I look at it in the same way as single sign on. If I can go to one place and do most everything I need I am a happy camper.

The Blog is markdown and the Wiki is markdown. If it helps, I’d be happy to place the announcement on the Community.

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That is why you are now receiving an email if someone posts something on the blog. Then you cannot miss anything any more.

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