And where is this cryptic Wireless Client hidden?


I am trying to figure out how to activate this cryptic feature called Wireless Client which is described on this Wiki page

I think could be expanded with more details. For example in which meny this Wireless Client options is supposed to be located. I will be happy to contribute up dating the Wiki page after I have figured it out. But until then I need some help. There was a discussion on old forum without providing much clue.

Please help me out here, where should I start? I am running latest coreupdate 139. I have connected different WLAN adapters to my USB port but still no “new” sub-menu popued up anywhere in the GUI. I dont mind configuring it via terminal either. But how?

Did you chose one of the wifi adapters for the RED interface in the setup?

No I didn’t. Is that a culprit? Must a RED be bound to wifi adapter for this setup to work?

My idea was that RED is bound to whatever non-wifi it is bound to. And then BLUE is bound to wifi and used in this so called wireless client node. Then every time there is wifi net available ipfire connects to it and roures internet traffic via BLUE otherwise it uses RED for internet.

Is this setup possible?

Alternative 2. Can RED have both wifi and non-wifi and switch between those two for internet traffic depending on if wifi connection is possible then route internet traffic via wifi otherwise via non-wifi.

Hello ,

RED has to be bound to the WiFi adapter in order to setup the Wireless client mode.The scenario you are describing would require multi wan capability which is a feature of IPFire 3. I hope that helps you :slight_smile:


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Thanks for clarification, it was helpful.

Actually what you want to do is possible, but not via the web ui. @arne_f wrote a script for bridging network interfaces for a time before you were able to do so in the web ui. You may use this base to understand how to redefine devices to the system networks (green, re, blue…) and how to check links are up/down. Combinate that with ICMP or something to check if internet is available and that’s mostly it to your needs.

Sounds like hours of fun scripting :blush:. I think I saw that page when I searched for info. Let’s see if I will give a try. Thanks.

I wifi card in client mode cannot added to a bridge because a bridged nic must be send packets with different mac addresses which is only allowed in accesspoint mode.

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