An error occurred during a connection to

hello all
some time ago my ipfire intrusion prevention system crashed after being updated from core 139 to 141
so i:

  • reinstalled ipfire with core 141

  • restored the backup file

  • got a new oinkcode

  • changed from Talos VRT Rules for registered users to pro rules
    The problem:
    after using it for a while i noticed every couple of minutes for green interface

  • my web pages start loading slowly

  • cant login to google

  • counter strike multiplayer gets disconnected after a few minutes

  • when i try to troubleshoot it in the webui the page says connection timed out

  • if i turn off and on my interface evrything works again for a while on the workstation

  • i cant find any entry in the IPS log for whats being blocked on green but the firewall logs are blocking a lot of traffic on port 443 and 444 for the green network

i have noticed one Realtek interface card has a faulty ipv6 loopback interface but that wasn’t a problem before
the wireless interface seems fine (no timing out)

did i mis-configure a setting?
what is causing the timeout?

my setup is a static IP provided by Shaw Business with the DNS set to Lightning Wire Labs DNS, ipfire core 141, running on a HP Z400 workstation enhanced with a industrial Intel dual gigabit lan card (red), an Intel turbo memory booster x2 Realtek gigabit lan cards, 16 GB of high speed ram,(blue) connected to a 5g TPlink wireless router

thanks for any advice

i have sense noticed the green and red network cards have MAC address’s starting in 00: as so i re enabled the built in NIC from the motherboard for the green interface witch is fine but im gonna have to wait to get new NIC’s.
all the NIC’s i have are either 10/100 or burnt out by Shaw’s crappy equipment