Am i alone that can't navigate any ipfire wiki pages?


I don’t know why but it’s been a while since i could navigate the wiki… It’s frustrating when you need some info but no pages work at all… Is it a configuration in my ipfire gateway that did this?


here works everything well --> .

Which sites do not work for you ?



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It was not working for months, even yesterday it was not working, and this morning, its working… Don’t know what to think about it… I even cleared the cache of my browser last week in hope of making it work and it failed… So you can close the thread, it seems like it work now… i don’t understand this one…


this is funny indeed.

We experienced some infrastructure hiccups due to internal LDAP quirks after an update, but that was a while (~ two weeks) ago.

In case this problem arises next time, please do not hesitate to open up a ticket at (your login credentials work there as well, please file it in the “infrastructure” category).

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

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