Allowing remote users access to plex

I am trying to get my users access again after implementing ipf. I currently have below, but it is not working. Anyone have any tips?

Is your Plex server on Port 26747?
Default is 32400
Trusted Wireless Group to green should work.
would try Source Any to Green port 32400
save at top of firewall rule page
Any Could be a Location Like US.

Could go nuts and make a Network group of users based on MAC address as Source network

This might help also…

Suggestion: Plex should be in the DMZ / Orange zone.

I have tried everything to get this to work. Though I am not going to put it in the dmz since this is an unraid server. It shouldn’t be this difficult. In my isp router I just port fwd and it worked.
I tried setting Plex public port to the same port as Plex, a different port, nat, no nat, removing country blocking.

I think I got it. Had to switch this to RED from auto