All modifications in /etc/minidlna.conf were resetted during core update

During the core update (158 → 160) all my all modifications in /etc/minidlna.conf were resetted and are lost. The core update brought along an update of minidlna to version 1.3.0 - but why this means a reset of /etc/minidlna.conf (dpkg or rpm would give me the choice to keep or integrate my modifications).

How can we avoid such a situation the next time of an core and addon update? Is there a possibility to include modifications of configuration files into the IPFire-Backup-System (Web GUI → System → Backup → Addons)?

The system files are always changed back after each update. The only solution I know is to backup any file or directory you modify by using ipfire backup facility and subsequently restore them after the update. You can include the files to be backed up by adding them to:



Looking at the files for installing minidlna, there is no definition of a backup and the and pak files do not call the backup process.

This has been like this since minidlna was first installed so earlier updates must have had the same issue.

The testing phase of IPFire would be a good place for these types of issues to be flagged up but it does require people using the addons to do some testing.

This can be easily corrected. Could you raise a bug for this so that we can track the fix implementation.

Your IPFire People email address and password work for logging in on the IPFire Bugzilla.


Puh. I cannot remember if this happened before (running IPFire since core 127 in 03/2019) but never thought to request the reason why this happened. Anyway I will raise a bug now.
Can you please verify if there is also no definition of a backup for the avahi addon (the same happened to /etc/avahi/avahi-daemon.conf - it was also resetted).

@cfusco “subsequently restore them after the update”
How do you do this? Is there somewhere a documentation about this in the wiki?

I have had a look at avahi and there is a backup definition and the install/uninstall scripts run the backup routine but the installation of the backup definition during the IPFire build is missing and has always been.

To keep the tracking clear can you raise a separate bug for the avahi addon.

Thanks very much for flagging up both of these issues so they can be dealt with and fixed.

I have looked through all the addons that have a backup definition and I have confirmed that avahi is the only one where the definition is not installed.

Have also confirmed that all addons with a backup definition have the backup routine called in their respective and pak scripts.

It’s a more complicated task to determine if any addons that don’t have a backup definition should have one and what should be backed up.
That needs knowledge of what the addon is doing and which files are important to maintain over updates.


Never tried, but I think what happens is that when you do a backup from the web user interface those files get included in the backup, therefore just restoring using the WUI should do.

I don’t think so and if I am not wrong, definitely should be included.

EDIT: It turns out, I WAS WRONG:
here it is

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