Aliases does not work in the right way


I’m running two ipfire, one old one (Core 174) running on an esxi. The new one (Core 185) is running on proxmox. The reason for two is, switching from esxi to proxmox. On the old one the aliasses works fine, I can connect to the servers, ping them, make a tracert and everything is working. on the new one, I couldn’t ping the servers, if I make a tracert to one server. I don’t reach them… I have problem with the mail server with smtp and imap, but https is working, also ssh… The firewall settings are on both ipfires the same. Ao the new ipfire I can ping his main IP without problems. Both ipfire has red - green - orange network.
Is there a way to check the alias configuration from the inside or something else?

Good morning @barny.

I don’t have much idea how it works but I think this could be it and if it isn’t, maybe remove variables from the equation.

I imagine that for it to resolve the aliases, the main DNS of the computers would have to be IPFire, right? If you have a DNS Server, in the resolver, set IPFire as the first DNS. If you have DHCP with IPFire, as the first DNS, IPFire. I think.

If not this, maybe someone else can shed some light.

Saludos desde España.