Advice on Config for Small Office / Home Lan

So now this is running and I would post a configuration file, if I knew where to get one, so instead I copy paste my setup notes from OneNote.

The Network as such is, as I understand it, very simple.

1 ISP Modem with Fiber
connected to
RED port on my IPFire Supermicro Mini Server
connected to
GREEN port on the same machine
connected to a Switch that has all LAN conns via a patchpanel and one of them goes to a WiFi AP.

No vLans, no VPN and no Bridges or anything else in the conf, not even a DMZ, so far.

This is the Copy-Paste from my log:


  1. Red: DHCP
  2. Green : ,
  4. DNS Quad9: ,


  1. 171 updated.
  2. Pakfire plugins installed: Guardian

FW initial configuration:

  1. Locationblock = all countries (experimental)
  2. FW Options set as default
  3. Intrusion prevention, Emergingthreats Community, Snort/VRT Community

So what else would you recommend? Please notice I am still rather new to this and reading a lot as I proceed, but I like to keep some documentation of what I have done so far.

I share this one alot.
You can find it in the wiki.


Thanks, I thought I went through the wiki staring sections, maybe I missed a link there…

The old blog post are great.