Adding new ddns Provider

I would like to add the ddns of domindiscount24 to the ddns service.
As a test run I tried to add it myself to the ddns/

It popped up in the WebUI, and I could save my new entry, also it turned green, so I’m guessing its OK.

now how do I submit the code?

class DDNSProviderKEYSYSTEMS(DDNSProvider):
    handle    = ""
    name      = ""
    website   = ""
    protocols = ("ipv4",)

    # There are only information provided by the domaindiscount24 how to
    # perform an update with HTTP APIs

    url = ""
    can_remove_records = False

    def update_protocol(self, proto):
            data = {
                    "hostname"       : self.hostname,
                    "password "      : self.password,
                    "ip"           : "auto",

            # Send update to the server.
            response = self.send_request(self.url, data=data)

            # Handle success messages.
            if response.code == 200:

            # If we got here, some other update error happened.
            raise DDNSUpdateError

Hello Christof!

There is a Development section on the wiki that should help:

and it includes a section on submitting patches:

For me it was over my head and I was unable to figure it all out. So if that happens, you may want to head to IPFire Bugzilla and submit your Feature Request there.

Please do not request any features in Bugzilla. It is not a place for a discussion and I think that should be had before it is decided to add anything.

This place and the mailing list are much better places for this.