Adding Asterisk Add-On after backup fails

Hi fellows,

after updating to core 158 i noticed that asterisk is not part of this version anymore.
So I restored to core 154 using the iso generated in the web-interface.

Because the addons are not part of the backup I did a

pakfire install asterisk nano apcupsd samba

PAKFIRE WARN: The pak “asterisk” is not known.

tried to force an update of the Add-on-list, but “asterisk” still not listed.

In the git repositories asterisk is part of version 154.
So I would expect pakfire to find asterisk.

It seems to me, that the most recent Add-ons are listed, not the one for version 154.

But how to restore legacy version then ?

Thanks in advance, Rainer

Asterisk and some other addons was dropped because they are unmaintained and removed from pakfire.

Thanks for your reply.
It is completely understood, that Asterisk is discontinued…
But why does this prevent me from restoring an old running state ?
Isn’t there an existing repository with compiled Add-ons that can be referenced ?

Hey Rainer,

to give you a little bit more background:

IPFire has one global repository for add-ons. There are some limitations to this, but all versions share the same repository. With the last couple of updates, we have phased out some packages and they have been removed from this repository making them unavailable for all version of IPFire.

I understand your goal, but you really should not run outdated software. We support IPFire in the latest version (and for obvious reasons the previous one), but that is it. Older versions have bugs, security vulnerabilities and many other problems that are fixed in newer versions. Therefore you should always run the latest version or you are seriously compromising the security of your installation.

To sum it up: We do not have the packages for Asterisk and the other add-ons any more. They are gone because they are known to be broken. If you really really must run a VoIP on your firewall, you can install a virtual machine with a distribution that maintains Asterisk, or install that system somewhere else on your network.

We aim to make IPFire as secure as we can, and unfortunately that means that some things have to be dropped. I am sorry if this is causing some extra work for you now, but it is the best thing to do.


Hi Michael,
got the idea.
Although it’s quite though when backups made with ipfire onboard tools ( that are tested at a point in time when the AddOns are accessible) fail in case of emergency.
So imho making disc images for ipfire is not an option, it is mandatory.
In our case it’s not that critical, because we only run the PBX on IPFire to save energy.
The backup system is a physical machine.
Thanks, Rainer