Adding aliases to RED interface

I’m trying to find a way to add an aliases to RED interface. Unfortunately information in wiki ( seems to be outdated: there are no “Aliases” menu item in “Network” tab…
How could I add aliases then?

The wiki is not outdated!

“First, use the setup program on the console to configure your Red interface with a static IP address if …”

This option is only enabled if red is configured “static”.

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Oh, I see, sorry. Thanks a lot!

No - this is possible. See here: local:public:ipfire_ipalias [Exabyte Systems Wiki]


@mhgschmidt First, welcome to the community.

This is an interesting approach.
It uses the special case of obtaining a fixed ( static ) IP network when requesting internet access. Similiar to our internal ‘fixed leases’ concept.

Do you have experiences for PPP and DHCP WAN connections?
Maybe we could realize this as a feature in IPFire. Don’t know which parts of IPFire are made for one WAN IP only, if the config isn’t static.

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Hi Bernhard,
thanks for the welcome :wink:

Do you have experiences for PPP and DHCP WAN connections?

Yes - i have experience in this area. I’m currently running 2 ipfire boxes with 6 additional ip addresses on each box (using the described hack).

I would love to see this as a feature in production!

best regards,

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