Adding a second subnet to an IPSec connection


I already searched the web but was unable to find a solution.
The only one i found suggest to set up two different connections as mentioned in
Multiple subnets in IPsec: Only first one is reachable.

Does anyone know if this is still the case or did I just added the second subnet in a wrong way?
I did add the second subnet like this,

Thanks in advance

Hello Christoph! Welcome to the IPFire Community!

I am not sure commas work.

You may need to try something like Which is bigger range (~2048 hosts).

If it matters: moving to and would be 512 hosts. Look up info about CIDR & subnets. Here is the calculator I used:

Hello Jon,

Thank you for your reply and welcoming me.
As i don’t have access to the other site it didn’t work for me to change the range on my side.

I got it to work today by setting up a second IPsec Tunnel with the second subnet.
Now there are two, one for each subnet.