Add steps to install Wiki page to point to Domain Name System

Should We add a stop 7 to the install Wiki page?


or some sort of note pointing new users to the Domain Name System page.
This being a very important step in the function of IPFire.
I would note NTP servers As step 8?


How is this?

Let me know if this is not correct. Please remember you can make changes to the Wiki also.


I am not sure how well this works from a chronological point of view.

The previous section is where you select Static, DHCP or PPP Dialup.

However the details for each of those methods is in Step 6. Having the DNS servers link and reminder to get them with a Working status when the Internet Connection might not have been finalised yet makes it look the wrong place.

It would make more sense to be after the Setup your Internet connection and before the Install add-ons section. Then you would be sorting the DNS Servers out after having organised your Internet Connection.


I see what you are saying:

I’ll move all of this down the page…

How about this one?


There is a complication. In the Internet set up the Static and the DHCP options both require you to go back into the console setup to adjust them. However from that point of view they could also be already fixed from the first pass through the setup.

The Dialup option has to be done on the WUI menu System - Dialup

The first line in the Internet Connection Setup page is
“IPFire supports various connection types to connect to the Internet. They all differ in the way of being set up.”

From that I think it probably makes more sense to have the WUI login to stay where it was previously but just have the DNS part where you moved it.

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though you can’t login until Internet Connection Setup, Static or DHCP are done. So the login would go under DHCP and before PPP



UGH! I cannot figure out how to fix this! Time to think


OK. Maybe this helps…

After seeing the current, now I am thinking of making Step 6 “Internet Connection Setup” and making Step 7 - Next Steps.


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I think there is always going to be a problem because in your new Step 6 Internet Connection and setup if you go down and click on the link labelled Dialup it will send you to the WUI Dialup page.

However with the Static and DHCP labelled links you are shown how to use the setup program. So what you need to know depends on which type of internet connection you need to setup.

For Static and DHCP you select and configure them using the setup program.

For PPP Dialup you select it in setup but then have to configure it in the WUI.


Looks great.


@jon great job