Add IPFire as a openvpn client in another network

Hi there,

My friend has a VPN using OpenVPN (he is not using IPFire). He gave me a ovpn client file, which has the keys, certificates etc in it.

My question is how do I make it so my IPFire instance is part of his network? I tried to upload the ovpn file and use the command openvpn --config file.ovpn, now I have a tun1 interface (i use tun0 for my own vpn server) I added the static route and I can ping other clients on his network. But when I tried to do some portforwarding it did not work. I also have to manually enter the IP addresses, IPFire does not recognize tun1 interface.

I also tried to do ‘Net-to-Net Virtual Private Network’ but this seems really buggy (he runs his vpn on port 443 but I cannot use that port because its a privileged port?, but I’m connecting to it? I dont start a server on port 443) Had to change the file in the filesystem but it not working either. I think Net-to-net is really networks to networks but I just want my IPFire(single IP address) to join his network. Is this the use case for Net-to-net?

Can some one push me in the right direction?

The second wiki article may be able to help.

Hi all,
there is an older howto which goes into the topic ’ OpenVPN-clientconnection to company-network’ → - OpenVPN alternative configurations .

N2N can´t be mixed with Roadwarrior configuration since this are two different topologies.

May this is also helpful.