Add forum title

Maybe the admins could add a forum title on top of the pages, nearby the logo?


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That space is being taken when you scroll down and it shows the title of the post…

Yes, that’s it.
OTH, I just visited another Discours driven forum and there you can see a different behavior. The landing page shows the community titles and when opening a posting the title moves up when scrolling down, just like you described.

BTW, sorry for posting into the wrong category, just saw there is a feedback category, too.

On most Discourse sites it states Community (or IPFire Community) for us. And the Community name does gently scroll up & away for the Title of the Post.

I agree with @hellfire, we should have a forum title!

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I seem to remember it being easy to move for a moderator!

@ms do you see any chance to get a forum title? I don’t want to be annoying, but it surely would polish the new site and obviously it is possible to do so without loosing the space for any appropriate posting headers while scrolling up, pls see: Directory Opus Community

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I will try to reach out to someone who can help with this…