Add Documentation category

@ms - Yay! Very glad to see Discourse as a part of the IPFire world!

Can a Documentation category be added?

Anything related to the IPFire Wiki would go in this Category

We already have a mailing list for that. I would like to avoid any duplication here.

However, we could give up the mailing list instead.

Why do you think this should be here? Would people understand what it is for?

I strongly suggest giving up the mailing list. Discourse will do all of the same functions.

You’ll find all of the mailing lists (included Development) can be moved here.

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Oh no, we won’t do that. Mailing lists have a thousand other features that this simply doesn’t have.

I am curious - What does the mailing list do different?

FYI - I can see when you are replying…

The mailing list has a decentralised archive, it goes to people’s inboxes, it is hooked up with Patchwork, and some other tools. Everyone can access it without creating an account… And it is dead simple.

There is no chance you can paste a patch in here and it will come out like it went in.

Nice :slight_smile:

I wish I could quote a post…

Oh, you have to highlight this :slight_smile:

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Why can’t you?

I like the dynamics of this… It is a bit like a chat almost…

You should add an avatar :):slight_smile:

I’ve been using Discourse for many years. Much nicer to use.

FYI - a user can reply to discourse email also.

I need to head out. Be back later…

I know and need to try it.

It is for a simple conversation like this one. For development, this is absolutely not what we need.

Therefore I would like to hear the case to move the documentation mailing list. Clearly there is not much traffic going on there, so what is the point of it?

I tried. The people.ipfire would not take the image. No error. I looked thru Discourse also

There is an image there. The icon that you see is cached and your browser might still show you the old avatar even after uploading a new one…

Mostly because discourse can handle that type of interaction better, easier. Mostly to consolidate as much as possible.

Having “joe user” think about the proper place to post will cause confusion.

For what it is worth, Documentation can be a sub-category (not sure where)

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Why is this such a different kind of conversation?

Do you not think that there is a chance that users will just ask questions about what is in the documentation and not on how to improve it?

I see an opportunity here to make people aware that the wiki can be edited. Most people for some reason regard it as read-only.

Under Community? Or is that too hidden?


I added this now. Is it worth making the mailing list read-only then?

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