Activate Firewall rules

How do we can (de-)activate a Firewall rule in a shell-script?
Is it possible to remotely control the WUI (firewall.cgi) via wget/curl/HTTPie?

I would also like to know what was asked here: time constraints

Which firewall rules are you talking of?
The rules defined in the WUI are saved in /var/ipfire/firewall/{config,input,outgoing}
Editing/changing this files and running /usr/local/bin/firewallctrl afterwards changes the iptables firewall.

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Yes, exactly these rules. I will change these CSV files by script. In the fourth column, either ‘ON’ or nothing and then let the firewallctrl run. Remote SSH is a good solution for the first. Then I make a web solution with Node-RED to carry out the script. Thanks very much.