Access to Webinterface from different Networks


I have a problem with our IPFire, which we use in our network. Unfortunately, I’m not particularly experienced in dealing with it.

The main problem is accessing the IPFire web interface from different subnets. The current configuration looks like this:

  1. Red is a net towards a service provider
  2. Green is the connection to a subnet /24 VLAN1
  3. Blue is the connection to another subnet /24 VLAN2

Both subnets (green and blue) are VLANs in a company network that are routed through a firewall. (but doesn’t have to stay that way) I need access to the web interface of the IPFire from all subnets.

I can ping the IPFire from both subnets. I can also access the web interface from the green subnet (same network).

The problem is that I can’t access the web interface from the blue subnet via the green interface, nor directly via the IPFire’s blue interface.

Does anyone have an idea where the problem could lie?

Thanks very much

Hi @sven

Welcome to the IPFire community.

Is this a freshly installed IPFire system or a running system that you have inherited from someone else?

It is an existing installation.

Normally machines on the blue subnet can access the IPFire WUI login page by default but it could be that a rule has been created to block that.

You need to check what is in the /etc/sysconfig/firewall.local file.

See this wiki link for what might have been put into that file to block the WUI access from Blue.
This link tells you more about the firewall.local file and its use.
If the same rule is in the firewall.local as in the wiki page but using your subnet values then you would need to edit those lines out from the stop and start sections of the firewall.local file.

If the firewall.local file doesn’t have those lines or is empty then there is some other reason for the lack of access to the WUI from Blue.


Thanks, i check the Files and read the wiki links


The really simple solution is:

The System under the menu item:
Firewall/Blue Access

entered, then access to the web interface worked.

Thanks very much

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