Access to the Fritz.Box (Red) from Green

Hello all,
I have a Fritzbox from the ISP in front of my router. The Fritzbox (IP: 192.168.x.) is therefore in the red network and I can also access the Fritz.Box interface from the LAN (Green).
Now I wanted to use the app “MyFRITZ!App” from the LAN with my mobile phone but it does not find the Fritz.Box even if I enter the IP directly.
Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to make this work?


Maybe a hosts edit can help . In my case pihole is the DNS and DHCP needs it also.

I can’t see on my pi-hole which name the phone wants to connect to and the app requires a connection to the Fritz.Box WLAN, which is not in use. When I enter the IP address of the Fritz.Box ( in the app, nothing happens. I could temporarily activate the WLAN of the Fritz.Box and hope that I get the app connected to it and then turn off the WLAN again.

Strange works here without WLAN of the fritzbox just an accespoint in green. Have you set some rules? I’ve not need. Just tested works on iPad and Samsung phone. in my case pihole is DHCP and DNS Server for the Clients. Pihole use ipfire as DNS Server and Ipfire use the server’s of LWL. In the Hosts of pihole the is enternd with its IP.

I have now once switched on the WLAN of the (FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable) and connected and yet the app does not find the
It must be something else, but so far I can’t see what it is.

Which Fritz os is on the fritzbox? In my 7590 it’s 7.21 have you tested without pihole and ipfire right? Which phone do you use? With iOS 14 there is a problem

FritzBox OS: 7.20
iOS Version: 14.2.1

with Android on FritzBox WLAN and
However, the app access does not work in the Fritzbox WLAN either.
This behavior is very mysterious.

Maybe a factoryreset of the ftitzbox would hep but don’t think it’s ipfire or pihole… strange thing…

Probably shoud check your logs for the ports that maybe blocked.
This app may have a problem with the fact you are asking it to cross sub nets?
Assuming this app works when connected directly to Fritzbox.

As I said, the app cannot connect to the FritzBox even if the mobile phone is directly in the Fritzbox WLAN.
Is not an ipfire problem.

could you solve the problem?

The problem is probably with the Fritzbox and has nothing to do with ipfire.
I close the ticket or the case.

I ask out of interest only.