Access to different subnet


sorry in advance for the stupid question… but i’m lost…
From a PC ( attacched to a router (, I need to see shared folder (openmediavault) installed in a RPI ( behind Ipfire(
From the PC i can ping both router and firewall but not the RPI… and therefore i can’t see the shared folders.
I’m stuck…
thanks for a support

I am not understanding well enough how your machines are connected together.
Is it possible to create a diagram of some sort showing the different machines and their network interface connections.

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hi adolf…

yes… look at the document attached.


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With this setup it looks like you have a double NAT setup with NAT on both the Router and the IPFire firewall.

The only thing I am not sure about is that the Router must at least have two network interfaces.

I presume that the internet comes into the router from the top to a different network port. I would presume that the Router has several network ports on its output and that the PC is connected to one of them and IPFire to another one, so that the PC is between the Router and the Firewall and gettingits IP address via dhcp from the Router.

I also presume that the red port on IPFire has an ip address of where xxx is not 100 or 120.

So to connect to the RPi from the PC on the red side of IPFire you need to create a Port Forward rule in IPFire to allow that communication to occur.

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correct. thanks for explanation. I will work on this…