Access Orange through Red Network with specific port

Hello community,
i set up my IPFire in my home network:

  WAN --- [Fritzbox] --- --- [Red]-IPFire-[Green] --- --- [Clients]  

I am trying to configure my firewall so that I can access the orange network from the red area via port 5000.
It seems to me that this won’t be simple as i thought i would be.
My default forward rule is set to allowed. I already tried various configurations like:
Source Network RED --> Destination Port 5000 --> Destination Network Orange --> Allow
Any Source --> Any Protocol --> Any Destination --> Allow (To make sure I haven’t made a mistake)

Even NAT for a specific client in the orange network doesn"t work…
What did i miss?

In the network topology i recognized that by default any traffic out of the red directing to the firewall gets blocked (Closed, Use external access).
How do i get access then - without VPN?

Thank you so much in advance!!!

Look here

ignore the word green, change 80 to 5000.

Also you can read Creating a Port-Forward Rule

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I opened 80, 443 and 5000 as shown in your example. Still no connection to the webinterface possible.
I’m on the verge of despair

Here you can see my current configuration

Do you have in your fritzbox IPFire as exposed host? If not you must also open your fritz with the necessary ports you want.

Oh no, i didn’t.
I will try it out in the evening.
Thank you so much for your support.
I will keep you up2date.
I have already wasted too much time trying to solve this little problem.