About WLan Automatic Channel Selection

Automatic channel selection does not work, only fixed channels can be set.
There are many wireless routers around, it would be convenient if automatic channel selection could work

It depends on the WIFI card you are using. In my case, WLE600VX, the automatic channel selection is correctly working.


Like WPA3 encryption, older wireless cards don’t support it. Automatic channel selection is not a new technology, it should be able to support old network cards.
My wireless card is Intel Advanced-N 6205.
Where can I check whether the wireless network card supports the Automatic Channel Selection feature?

My understanding of the issue is that it depends both from the firmware of the card and the Linux driver. Maybe your card has this ability but its Linux driver is not using it? In general, Atheros drivers are better supported, at least this is what I read when I was researching the Linux support for my card.

In the console, if I type:

iw list | grep "AP scan"

I get:

	Device supports AP scan.

I think this should do, however I am not an expert. Maybe this particular message of iw list means something else. In case, I hope someone more knowledgeable will correct me.

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Yes, anything else than Atheros chipsets will lack substantial features like ACS. None of the USB chipsets support this AFAIK.

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