About IPFire Location

I do understand a bit of the location services made by IPFire and it’s implications for Geofeed, well somewhat.
From this: www.ipfire.org - IPFire Location: On getting more data for your byte

I am curious as to what implication or usability there is for the firewall IPFire in relation to that. Is it only GeoLocation or are there more benefits I do not understand?

There are a lot of benefits for the location data. Those are:

  • Blocking based on Geo Location/AS or flags. That is what is done with IPFire “Drop Hostile” feature, Location filter, etc.
  • The next thing is incident response where the additional information from the location database can bring light into the dark and allows to group multiple random IP addresses together (for example by AS or country).
  • One step further would be statistical analysis and taking decisions based on that.