About donations

Hello Michael.

At the time I made a donation of a monthly amount and I realized that it is no longer active. Do they expire in time?



no, they don’t. If you set this up before June last year, it might have been dropped because of some difficulties with our payment provider.

We do not store the actual credit card data, but only a pseudo-number which we could not carry over.

You can set up a new one right here: https://www.ipfire.org/donate

Ok thanks, I’ll create it again :+1:.


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Thank you for supporting the project! :slight_smile:

When I send a donation, shouldn’t I get an email back, “Thank you for your donation.”

Hello Paul,

no, there is no special email confirmation. You will just be notified in your browser that your donation went through and that we thank you very much for it :slight_smile:


Thank you to the whole team for developing ipfire.