64bit AMD G-T40E is "legacy architecture"?

My ipfire tells me “You are running IPFire on a legacy architecture and it is recommended to upgrade”, but as far as I know it is a 64bit AMD. CPU-Monkey says it is 64bit, and even System information seems to look at it that way. Here is my kernel version string:

Linux ipfire.hotzweb.ch 4.14.198-ipfire #1 SMP Mon Oct 5 21:58:28 GMT 2020 i686 AMD G-T40E Processor AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux

What’s wrong?

https://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bobcat/AMD-G%20Series%20G-T40E%20-%20GET40EFQB22GVE.html certainly indicates that it is 64 bit. Have you installed IPFire i586 ? If so, then you need to backup then reinstall from IPFire x86_64 .

You should also run spectre-meltdown-checker from IPFire. I have an AMD CPU from the same family that is reported as not migated against “spectre V4”

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Consider as option verify if you’re running the latest bios of your mainboard, during the process.

I think that I did not use a i586 version of ipfire. However, it’s somt time since I set up my box and I have to check this out.

You have installed the i586 version. The string should print x86_64 before the Processor instead of i686…

So your installation correct warns that it run the legacy architecture…

The arch command delivers “i686” and the version string in /proc says “Linux version 4.14.198-ipfire (root@x86-02.haj.ipfire.org) (gcc version 10.2.0 (GCC)) #1 SMP Mon Oct 5 21:58:28 GMT 2020” so I think I am definitely not running an i585 version of ipfire, or am I wrong?

I think you are…

Your processor is detected as i686 because it has some additional commands in 32bit mode. But you have installed IPFire i586 not the x86_64 version.

Jus saw the post by Arne.F
Seems I misinterpreted the output of my system. So I’ll have to reinstall. Thanks for all your help