3 VLANs on green Zone

My new ISP insists of using 3 VLANs for the internet traffic.
VLAN10 general internet
VLAN20 SIP based internet
I have a router with 2 NICs and a Wifi included.
Today I use 3 zones (red 1.NIC, green 2.NIC and blue the WIFI adapter).

I read all the topics concerning VLAN but I did not find the solution I need.

Can I configure the green zone of my ipfire to use in VLAN mode the above mentioned 3 VLANS on the NIC which is allocated by the zone managed in the WUI to the green zone?
How is this performed?

I know that I need a managed 4 port switch after the ipfire to split the three VLANs into different physical networks.