2.5 Gbps realtek

has anyone been able to get the 2.5 gbps realtek cards working? i really like IPFire but hate limiting my internet speeds to only 1 gig. i lose around 300-400 mbps download speed.

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If a driver will not be included into distro, they will be supported as soon as IPfire will use a kernel which integrates the driver.


…this is the “mad” situation with “Linux-stuff” - if it’s not in the Kernel, it’s not working…
Same problem here with unraid - new Hardware NOT SUPPORTED! un-lol…

well i can inject the driver into pfSense and other linux versions is why im asking. i really enjoy ipfire the most for my needs and usage. there are drivers for older 4x kernels that work. a process would be nice to be able to install then i guess.

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I believe ipfire is using a signed kernel, so there is not an [easy] way to add modules or otherwise inject a driver. I am having the same challenges as you, my preferred hardware is aquantia and also realtek RTL8125 (2.5 gpbs) NICs, which are not supported in the current ipfire linux kernel.

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Yea I’m trying to use the same rtl8125 NICs

Here https://people.ipfire.org/~arne_f/highly-experimental/x86_64/ you find experimental IPFire kernel builds.
current is 5.9.1 but keep in mind that this in inofficial and not a final build.

If I remember correct this kernel support the 2.5Gbit Realtek cards.

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thanks… ill maybe ill try it… but either way the realtek drivers can build on 4.14 and up. i think the biggest issue i have seen is finding the correct config for the Makerfile of the drivers, as it gets file location errors when compiling and goes into a loop for hours.

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Not sure if this is the correct process, but I submitted a bug report (request) to include the Realtek RTL8125 kernel module. I see this being a more requested enhancement for people using gigabit+ internet connections, which is becoming more common at least in the US with newer cable modems supporting 2.5 gbps network connections.


I would be willing to try upgrading the linux kernel to kernel-5.9.9-ipfire-x86_64.tar.xz, but do not have the knowledge there to proceed.

Untar the file to your rootpartion:
tar xvf FILE -C /
and then rebuild the grub config:
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
and make sure that you save the ssh config via webif again. (the update overwrite a config file)

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