2.5 Gbps realtek

has anyone been able to get the 2.5 gbps realtek cards working? i really like IPFire but hate limiting my internet speeds to only 1 gig. i lose around 300-400 mbps download speed.

If a driver will not be included into distro, they will be supported as soon as IPfire will use a kernel which integrates the driver.

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…this is the “mad” situation with “Linux-stuff” - if it’s not in the Kernel, it’s not working…
Same problem here with unraid - new Hardware NOT SUPPORTED! un-lol…

well i can inject the driver into pfSense and other linux versions is why im asking. i really enjoy ipfire the most for my needs and usage. there are drivers for older 4x kernels that work. a process would be nice to be able to install then i guess.