2.27 CU 173 possible Intel firmware issue

The firewalls that I’ve updated from 2.27 CU 172 to 173 seemed OK initially.
On two of my firewalls that have a dual NIC Intel card, one of the two ports unresponsive after a reboot.
The lights on the unresponsive port are on and showing activity, but no traffic flows, no DHCP requests seen etc.
Think it might be the linux-firmware blob that’s been updated in the 173 release?

The card is shown in this profile as: 82571EB/82571GB Gigabit Ethernet Controller D0/D1 (copper applications)


There is a new Linux-firmware out - 20230210 - and I will submit a patch for that which should end up in CU174.

If it is an Intel bug with the linux-firmware then hopefully they have applied a fix into the newer version.

I did a search on the commit log for the linux-firmware but nothing came up for 82571 so not so hopeful.


Searched through the linux firmware commits between 20221109 and 20221214 and the only ones related to intel were both for the i915 Intel HD Graphics Driver.

So there is nothing in the Linux Firmware changes related to Intel Network Cards.

Checked the intel-firmware package and it was not changed between CU172 and CU173.

Are you sure that it is a bug related to the CU173 change.

Could you do a re-install and restore for CU172 and see if the Network Port works again.

Powered down firewall, physically unplugged, started back up, all OK.
Rebooted firewall, all OK.
Very strange that 2 firewalls with same card misbehaved after scheduled reboots.
Unless fault happens regularly, not worth investigating.

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