2.27 cu 171 increased CTInvalid drops

In 2.27 cu 171 I have seen a massive increase of CTInvalid log entries, mostly to port 443 (Google etc.).
Logs have increased too such a degree that in Firewall log (Country), green0 is the highest logged ‘Country’.

As Peter M suggested, maybe being dropped unnecessarily as suspected by devs.

Secondly in web admin, perhaps “Firewall log (Country)” should be relabelled “Firewall log (Network)”.

This should be bundled with Trish’s bug report really.

Find it unlikely so many connections to port 443 invalid.
These are mostly from Wi-Fi clients on a BT Whole Home mesh on Green LAN.

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This is classifying all firewall hits by the country they came from. However any firewall hits that cam from one of the internal networks (green0, blue0 or orange0) are not coming in from red0 but should be shown in some way. Effectively green0, blue0 or orange0 are coming from your country but from your internal networks.

You can of course turn off the logging for drop_ctinvalid if there is too much of it.

If you believe that they are being dropped incorrectly then please raise a bug on it, providing the logs for the drop_ctinvalid and the corresponding data from the connection tracking table that those dropped packets were coming from an already existing valid connection.

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