2.25 Core 141 Pakint?

I am still using 2.23 Core 139. Pakint shows no updates to 2.25 Core 141.
Will there be such a package or must one do a new install ?

My VPN provider has their own secure DNS Servers.
If I upgrade to Core 141, will my VPN DNS be affected ?

Where can I find an overview of your new DNS setup and who should use it ?

Core 141 is in the testing branch, not stable. So it’s normal that it doesn’t show up.

Hi Gary,
you can find information here https://blog.ipfire.org/post/ipfire-2-25-core-update-141-is-available-for-testing

and here https://wiki.ipfire.org/dns

Hi Gery,

now 2.25. Core 141 is final so you can update normally.