ZWAVE USB stick to a (QEMU) VM

Hi guys,

I hope to have gotten the right channel. On my ipFire system I have realized some VM`s with QEMU and now I wanted to ask you about the feasibility of the following project.

Is it possible to loop a ZWAVE USB stick to a (QEMU) VM so that it can be used there? I don’t want to buy another PC or Raspberry here and would like to be able to control our heating with ZWAVE.
Perhaps someone already has experience in this and can even recommend a better variant (USB stick etc.).

Recards Paul


do you know which drivers are necessary to use this device?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller

Hello Peter,
no I cannot name the exact driver. I was hoping that someone would already use a ZWAVE USB dongle on ipFire and pass it on to a VM. I will ask in the ZWAVE forum if there is any experience.

Yes, You can. you have to add it To your libvirt Virtual machine as an usb host device. You can passthrough any usb devices you want…

See pic

It will show up in your virtual machine… no need for an additional raspberry pi. Tested it with an aontec zwave dongle :slight_smile: p1 meter, zigbee2mqtt. But make sure that you do not unplug It and plug it back in while running the virtual machine. Since it will change the bus and device id of the usb on your host machine, and it will disappear from your guest machine…