WUI + proxy stopped working

Ah, I see.
Don’t know exactly, but I think occurred 17-03 somewhere between 23.00 and 00.00. Made some changes in IPS and then WUI stopped.
So I was looking for other timestamps.
Good find! (is that even English?)
The cachemanager page doesn’t load as well. And if Apache isn’t running thats no wonder.

it should be good finding

yes. Unfortunately we do not know what is Apache problem. Hopefully that’s not a problem with the mSATA disk. Well, after you install it from scratch and recover the backup everything should work well. If not, then I would consider changing the mSATA.

Perfect English :+1:

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Little update.
I managed to reinstall IPFire and restore from backup.
Man, installing the appliance via the console is no joy. Distorted screens and loosing connection during install made me have to try a few times. And then the screen was nice to me and I could install in a breeze.
Had some trouble along the way restoring and starting over but all seems to work right now.
So that’s a relieve. Thank you very much @cfusco and @bonnietwin for following this journey and giving me advise.

During boot there are some strange error messages coming by on the console. I don’t think the are related to the issue in this thread so I will start another for that. (although there are lots of suricata flowbit messages during boot).
So, I’ll see how the firewall holds up.


Congratulations for your perseverance. Next time it will be much easier.

I could say “hopefully there won’t be a next time”, but I would be lying. Of course there it will be a next time. Hopefully, not for this issue.

Best of luck.


Just a hint about ‘distorted screens’ when using serial connections.

  1. The BIOS of a board uses it’s own serial config ( baudrate etc. ) as does the OS to install. Because IPFire uses 115200 you should set your BIOS the same.
  2. The first installation screen of IPFire is somehow scattered. Characters are output twice. This is a known error. But with a ‘sophisticated view’ on the menu one can choose the right topic. After this the screen should be ok.