Wireless inteface no found, Rasp Pi CM4

During the initial setup of a (Red) (Green) and (Blue) network interfaces, the wireless (Blue) is not found. Installed version 2.27 - Core Update 162
on this hardware.

I’ve no experience of RPi4 or CM4

Blue network device is often not found during installation. If you reboot and the WiFi chip is supported, then it should be possible to assign a blue0 interface from Setup->Networking

I had also no experience with Compute Modules. IPFire is untested on this and maybee there are patches for the devicetree needed. An other possible reason why the wlan is not detected is a missing firmware binary or Calibration file for the wlan module.

Can you mail me the logs (/var/log/bootlog and /var/log/messages)

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H justin,
I had same issue before, On aarch64 , no blue interface.

So Could you download & test the arm image in the “Secondary Architectures” section on the download page?

This make no sense because rpi4 is not supported by the 32bit arm version because there is no working u-boot.

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