Wireless configuration - devices on BLUE

I’ve lots of device changes in my networks that need to be added and removed for accessing the BLUE network.

Well there is an easy way to add temorary assigned clients via DHCP, but not fixed devices within the BLUE network.

May you please add this in one of the next builds? This will make it much easier. Also it will be nice if any changes in the DHCP configuration will also change this configuration (just as the firewall groups work) so we don’t have to cross-change/update clients all the time.

Also quick sort will be nice. There are two sorting options for DHCP clients. Would like to have that here as well.

What do you mean exactly?

Atm there is no sorting at all. It’s a static list with no sorting for the IP adresses or anything else. Standard sorting for DHCP devices is their IP address.

You can sort the leases ( fixed and dynamic ) by IP and MAC. Just click the topic in the header of the list.

I’m talking about / request sorting in Wireless configuration - devices on BLUE

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