WIO - small display bug

I have a small visual bug in who is online addon.

If a host is not in a common network, the icon is missing. So i’m using this to “ping” an external host.


Log in to IPFire.
Download the file /srv/web/ipfire/cgi-bin/wio.cgi
In line 1431, change “<td width='5%' align='centre'><b>$Long::tr{'wio network'}</b></td>

to this:
<td width='5%' align='centre'>&nbsp;<b>$Long::tr{'wio network'}</b>&nbsp;</td>

Then save the file again under the upper path, error should be gone.

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How did you define those ‘buggy’ hosts?
I receive for all IPs a network as GREEN, BLUE or RED.

How did i define those host? You can enter any host!

Mmmh, what happens if you add for example?

Thanks a lot for this! I hope this will be in an future Update of this great addon.


If I add, the network is shown as RED.

Mmmh, this i think should be quiet normal, i don’t know what wrong with me setup.

Maybe the developer can clarify this?

This fix is not working for me. The line 1431 only changes the header of the table but the data ist still in the wrong column due to the network icon is not rendered.


Remains the question, how you have added which information. This would help to allocate the error in the ‘network determination’.

Furthermore it is urgent to post the error in bugzilla.

I’m running core 151 with wio red is ppp.

I add a host to wio by adding unter “add client” the IP eq., checking “IP” not “FQDN” and hit ok. Thats all i do. I think there can’t be done anything wrong?


I just installed wio and followed your instructions with and I get the red icon in place. I also repeated this with other external IP’s and some internal IP’s. Everything worked fine and the table is properly aligned.

Have you tried uninstalling wio after doing a backup and then re-installing it and see if the problem still occurs.

This is mad!

I uninstalled wio and reinstalled from pakfire. i enter as an example external host and it’s still the same - the network icon is missing.

Any help?

Mmmh. To be honest I was expecting that it would work after uninstalling and installing it.

What IPFire architecture are you using - 32 bit or 64 bit. The system I ran my test on is 64 bit. If you are on 32 bit and your hardware supports 64 bit then I would suggest doing a fresh install after taking all required backups.

If you are already on 64 bit then the only thing I can think of is that the network icon for the red interface is missing in the code for some reason.
To confirm that it is not due to some corruption in the installed IPFire code I would do a complete reinstall of IPFire using a new copy of the iso and trying again with wio and see if the problem was still there. If it is then it would suggest some issue in the combination of IPFire and your system but that would need other help and skills than mine.

If you decide to go ahead with doing a reinstall make sure that you have a copy of the IPFire backup and the backups of any add-ons downloaded to some other machine that you can access after the reinstall.

If we really have a problem in the wio code, it would be better to describe the existing system. The wio status functionality isn’t necessary for the IPFire system to work. But the status display should be ok, if one uses it. Therefore the problem must be investigation in a system that shows a buggy behaviour.

And yes, the TO should supply the data about his system configuration. Until now the bug could not be reproduced on other systems.

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That’s a pity. I hope someone will find the problem.

I’m running a x64 system starting from core 141 on an APU headless with orange, ipsec and openvpn roadwarriors. System is now on core 151.

Red is ppp.


can you please post me the output from ./var/ipfire/wio/wio.pl -d?



Hello Stephan, the Developer of this cool Addon. It’s a honour.

Here’s the Output

HOSTNAME    : *********.****
TIMEOUT     : 03 Sek.
MAILSTYLE   : smail
RED DEVICE  : ppp0
RED ADDRESS : **.**.***.*
OpenVPN PID : 23476
IPsec PID   : 23436

Suche im lokalen Netzwerk nach aktiven Hosts ...

ID        IP-Adresse   Ping  DynDNS   Status      Mail    Antwortzeit     Antwort
 1      ip     off    AKTIV      ----     0.0389 sek        ICMP
 2   fqdn     off    AKTIV      ----     0.0001 sek     ARPSCAN

Scriptlaufzeit:  2.0290 Sek.

I hope this is helpful.


start Line 1596
if ( &General::IpInSubnet($ipaddresses[$a], $red_netaddress, $red_netmask) ) { print"<td align='center' height='20'><img src='$imgstatic/red.png' alt='$Lang::tr{'internet'}' title='$Lang::tr{'internet'}' /></td>"; last SWITCH; }
if ( &General::IpInSubnet($ipaddresses[$a], $red_netaddress, $red_netmask) ) { print"<td align='center' height='20'><img src='$imgstatic/red.png' alt='$Lang::tr{'internet'}' title='$Lang::tr{'internet'}' /></td>"; last SWITCH; } else { print"<td align='center'><img align='middle' src='$imgstatic/white.png' alt='$Lang::tr{'wio_unknown_lan'}' title='$Lang::tr{'wio_unknown_lan'}' /></td>"; last SWITCH; }

Hi Odon Garma,

can you post me the result from

ip addr | grep red0 | grep inet | awk "{print \$2}"


ip addr | grep red0 | grep inet | awk "{print \$2}"


Hi Stephan,

this are two times the same commands?

The result is nothing it’s entered in the console window via putty.

I guess that’s a problem?!