Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android Updates Fail in Core 161

Good Morning,

So this one is weird. Everything has been working just fine with core 161 for months. I have a number of devices behind IPFire, various operating systems. No complaints. No problems with browsing, YouTube, and streaming. However I recently noticed macOS updates on a Mac Mini were failing. I immediately associated this with some random Apple-related quirk. I continued this line of troubleshooting until I noticed multiple android phones’ updates failed with “corrupted download” errors. Now I sit up and get serious.

OK, interesting, list out the problems you saw…

 - Apple macOS updates failed
 - Android updates failed (corrupted downloads)
 - Tested Windows updates… they too failed
 - Tested Linux Apt-Get… also failed (Checksum mismatch)

At this point I considered IPFire to be the likely common denominator in this picture. So I connected the Mac Mini directly to the Cable Modem. Updates worked as expected. This was also true with Linux and Android.

Since I then knew that IPFire was the problem, I put everything back and began to troubleshoot.

 - Rebooted IPFire  (Failure, problem persists)
 - Disabled most recent FW rules, suspecting conflict with a necessary port.
      (Failure, problem persists)
 - Disabled ALL FW rules (Failure, problem persists)
 - Examined IPFire settings seeking some irregularity (None Found)

 - Upgraded IPFire to Core 163 via Pakfire (SUCCESS)

Though the upgrade seems to have resolved whatever problem there was, I am left wondering what happened. I don’t want this to happen “out of the blue” again but I don’t know how to prevent it because I don’t know the nature of the problem.

So… any ideas? Thoughts?



thanks for your detailed post.

Not many, actually. Did you spot anything unusual in the logs while the still running Core Update 161? Especially, any errors related to DNS or unbound?

Thanks, and best regards,
Peter Müller


Wild guess - do you have IPS enabled?

menu Firewall > Intrusion Protection