Wiki: How to change into the testing branch

The article is outdated:

Please update: I couldn’t set up my test PC.

The parameter $version is missing and adding it with $version = "2.25.1-x86_64"; didn’t change anything.

Edit: just found the dropdown menu within the pakfire webui page.

have been started with

Blockquote This release introduces a new configuration option for Pakfire. Users can now choose between the stable, and two testing branches to easier install unreleased builds. We hope that this helping you to help us testing IPFire better and therefore be able to give us more valuable feedback on releases.


If you go the “normal” way in the Wiki

–> How to configure IPFire? simple yet powerful web user interface

–> IPFire menu Pakfire

You already find the information

The Repository option makes testing easier

Thx. @arne_f already updated the wiki article.