Why is it so hard to install

I like the idea of ​​everything it can, but I am frustrated that it can be so difficult to install just by following the manual. I can’t connect to my ISP router, because of DHCP is turn off. But I have to go back to Pi-Hole and ufw for they always work.

Honestly in my opinion the setup text user interface is the most easy thing I can imagine. It’s done in a few steps and all steps are easy to understand. Also the firewall system will run out of the box with default settings. But there are definitally no proofs of any configuration mistakes that may even stop the networks from working.

Sorry I had to let it out. Back to the facts:
My setup from ISP is a modem and it goes further on to ISP router. I want to connect the Raspberry Pi 3B+ with its ethernet connector (RED) and USB dongle (GREEN) to my network. Is that wrong?
How can you set the GREEN interface IP address to be the same as the ISP Router?
I’ve tried 6+ times and it writes [FAIL] at SASL and dhcpcd red0?
I have followed the guide to the point.

May be this helps you:

IPFire as a good Firewall which is, as far as I know, specifically works in Router (NAT) mode.



My personal preference with USB dongle is to make it GREEN, but your topology is OK.

If your ISP modem routes, then set RED address to DHCP - you don’t need to set a specific address. GREEN needs to be on a different network from the router. The default in https://wiki.ipfire.org/installation/step5 ought to work for most home networks.

The last page of https://wiki.ipfire.org/installation/step5 is out of date, but you will probably need to set the router’s base address as your Gateway. You have already figured out what address the router uses and generally its base address ends in “1” but practices vary.

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IPFire is pure magic and it will meet my security requirements. I was just too stupid to understand how the installation worked, but thanks for all your input and I will try them out.

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If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to ask. Surely some member will answer you.


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