Where to get useable image

I am trying to setup IPFire for the first time. I downloaded the iso image
ipfire-2.27.x86_64-full-core163.iso.torrent. I cannot get rufus to burn this image to usb (not a bootable image or uses a boot or compression method not supported by rufus.)
Do I need to use a different method?? Tried to find info online but there is no help. Did find one person that thought that the IPFIRE IMAGE HAS BEEN HACKED!! I would like to try ipfire but can’t get a usable image to burn to usb. Thanks for your response.

You can check the integrity by checksums, see www.ipfire.org - IPFire 2.27 - Core Update 163
From this page you can download the ISO directly.

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That is where I have downloaded it five times still same result. I am using the latest version of rufus also.
How do I check the signature as I am a newbie. Thanks

You can compute the SHA256 with 7zip for example.

Phil, I assume you used a windows pc. You need to have a torrent program installed. The .torrent file you mention is just the instructions to d/l a file.

At the completion of the torrent, you should have a file ipfire-2.27.x86_64-full-core163.iso You can verify the sha256 with 7zip as Bernard wrote.

Install rufus 3 I believe, and you should be able to write the iso file to a usb stick.

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Clicking ‘ISO image’ gives the .ISO directly.

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I was just downloading again. I am on a mac. I did use the terminal window (shasum -a 256 /file name and path). output for both files was differnt than displayed. If those are instuctions to a download how do I use it to get to the download?? Please be gentle as I am a newbie. Thanks

Sorry I’m so new , didn’t realize title and torrent download weren’t the same. Followed your advice to click directly on iso and everything works checksum is correct. THANKS for your help.

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BTW: Welcome to the IPFire community!