Where are fcron logs stored?

Hello All,

I would like to automate nightly backups from a remote ipfire box, via rsync.

I have succeeded into logging to the remote host without password (with your help!! thanks!), the script is working if launched manually, only the fcron job is left.

Launching as root fcrontab -e, I added the following line:
%nightly, * 1-4 /mnt/harddisk/backup/bkp.sh

Nothing happened last night, and I am lost because there are no fcron messages in /var/log/messages.

Where are stored the logs for fcron?

The , after %nightly should only be used if you are going to add an option such as random or mail(no)

In your command the option will have been taken as * and then it will have taken 1-4 as the dates.

Your command should be

%nightly * 1-4 /mnt/harddisk/backup/bkp.sh

fcron will log into messages but only if there is an error.


aha! thanks, Adolf!