Went to ipfire.com by mistake. What did I do?

Windows 10 behind an IPFire 164. with IDS and the setting to not go to known bad sites enabled.

I went to ipfire[dot]com. Machine so heavily loaded for 2-3 minutes that the task manager could not come up. Mouse moved but clicks did not cause anything to happen with any application. Finally killed (X) all processes and machine is back to life.

What is ipfire[dot]com? Does anybody know what it did to me? It showed a page which looked like an IPFire page but was not, perhaps an old style?

Does anybody know what this site does?

Thank you.

It is a website for an IP Geolocation Tool and Database. Nothing bad, I would say (And virustotal and other reputation websites don’t show anything negative about it). And the webpage looks not that complicated to kill browsers or whole computers. Maybe it was a conicidence with something else - Windows sometimes does … things.

Thanks. IT did not kill anything, it just loaded down the computer so much it could not move. There were VERY tiny actions correlated to my mouse clicks, like it was 99.9% busy with something else. I am not a newbee and have seen alot of things but nothing like this. It was fine until it loaded that page, then fine after I Xed out the browser. Perfect correlation to the instant. Yes, I am very unfond of Windows also.

Thank you very much for the information. Something is ‘fishy’. I hope I have not been had somehow.

I just tested this site.
No problems. Computer remained responsive.
So I suppose, you had/have some other problem.

Thank you Bernhard. I stuck my head back in the sand so to speak. I figure I should wipe the drive and re-install, but have not done so yet.