WebGUI Error 403 after update core 157 > 159

Hi Community,

after install the core Update 157 > 159 i can’t access the webGUI anymore (error 403) & OpenVPN server do not accept road-worries connection, as well.
My side to side tunnel works fine so far, also the proxy&DHCP server works as expected (internet access).
Error 403 = Forbidden You don’t have permission to access this resource.



^^ i see some error regarding fcrontab in the update log 159 at the end. but i’m not sure if this is relevant to my topic. the rest looks ok. both update “done”

What i tried already:

  • Checking the log
  • Reboot ipfire / Restart Apache
  • Check File permissions in /srv/web/ipfire/cgi-bin/index.cgi → set to 755 for test
  • Set permission chmod -v 755 /usr /usr/bin /usr/lib /usr/sbin /var /var/ipfire
  • Adding manual iptable “iptables -A CUSTOMINPUT -i green0 -j ACCEPT”

Is there any idea whats happend here ? And the better question is how can i fix it ? is there a way to reinstall the last kernel update again ?

Thx for your help.

Hi @haginator

Welcome to the IPFire community.

Maybe your problem is related to the permissions issue (item2) mentioned and fix provided in this forum post.



thx … i finally managed to get all back to work. A lot of wrong permissions even more then named in the other thread

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