Web Proxy stops immediately after upgrade to 157

I’ve got a backup/test install of IPFire in a VM that I’ve upgraded from 156 to 157 and hit a problem where the Web Proxy stops immediately after following a reboot.

08:37:54 squid[2693]: Squid Parent: squid-1 process 2700 exited with status 0
08:37:54 squid[2693]: Squid Parent: (squid-1) process 2700 started
08:37:54 squid[2693]: Squid Parent: will start 1 kids

If I do a ‘Save and Restart’ the Web Proxy starts and runs correctly.

Automatic start of Web Proxy on 156 worked ok.

I have restored the VM to 156 and repeated the upgrade but the problem persists.

Any ideas what might be wrong or what further steps I can take to identify the problem?

Try to change some settings in Network → Web Proxy:
Memory cache size (MB): 10
Harddisk cache size (MB): 1024
then press “save and restart” button.