Wake on LAN Green and Red interfaces

When I try to set up a WOL the page shows a selection button to select the interface on which the magic packets should be sent.
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Unfortunately only the Green interface is selectable.
The Red inteface is not listed under the selection.
I could work-around the problem by accessing the command line.
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However I think that it is probably a bug that can be easily solved.

I think WOL on the red interface doesn’t make sense really. IPFire gives internet access to the local networks, so we should assume a permanent connection on the WAN side (red).

Aldo, as the acronym says, this is Wake-on-LAN, the local area network. However, it is possible to send a magic packet to another network but that requires additional configuration.


The permanent connection is OK but you use the WOL to switch on auxiliary devices that may lay in the Red area.

Non special configuration s needed as I have set one WOL in the Internet side as you can see in the picture.
I have a device that doesn’t need to be continuosly on between the modem and the IP Fire box.
I use WOL to switch on when necessary and the unit shuts down automatically at the end of the need.

However if there is a selection switch there should be more than one option!

There is more than one selection if you have more than just two interfaces.

I have four interfaces on my IPFire and so I have green, blue and orange as choices on my drop down box.

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