Videos for starting up

Hi folks,
all German speaking users will be happy with following Youtube videos:

Should you already know them, excuse me for wasting your time.


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I have watched some Videos in German.
Would be nice to have English version.
Great job on the videos.

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Hi @hvacguy,

I agree with you !

Hello guys,
herewith I’d like to underline I have not made these videos myself. I have them simply found when browsing Youtube. During my college years I realized that German stuff was in most cases of high quality, therefore I decided learning this language. Nowadays I achieved the level C2. You can do the same instead of shouting around for translations.
Should it be too difficult for you, it is up to you searching for English stuff in Youtube.

Cheers, Pierre

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There is no reason to be offended just because not everyone likes your posting.

Besides of this, a video is and was, never good for starting up. You are as intelligent as before. The only thing what you learn is what to click that something “works” but you have no idea what you have done.

One word about language. We are here a English only forum. That people ask for English help is something that atleast for me absolute normal! To give the advice to learn German is bull**t


You are right. We decided to do all conversation about IPFire in English.
But in case of videos the producer of the tutorial should do it in his native language, IMHO. Thus it could be most precisely .
Whether a video tutorial is complete enough, is just another question. I don’t think so.

If there are more good video tutorials in German than in English, this a challenge for native english speakers, see above.

Hi Bernhard, it seems you have not understand my posting. The question atleast for me is not if the producer should use his native language. The questions are for me 2 different ones.

  • Is a Video usefull for start up? I dont think so. See above.
  • And the second question is, helps people posting a German Video if they only speak English but no word German? I also dont think so.

And because the producer is not pierre, iam not able to understand why someone post a German video. If he really think its helpfull why not choose a english one?

What comes next? Should i learn soon Chinese? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, this time i cant understand you Bernhard. But i always respect different opinions. It’s just not mine :wink:

Sorry, if was was not precise enough.
My opinion is, video tutorials are best made in the native language.
If there is a lack in videos in English, this should be solved by native English speakers.

And I agree with you, I am not willing to learn a foreign language for IPFire documentation only.
The wiki in English is sufficient ( and can be completed by all IPFire users :wink: ).

Iam so happy, Bernhard is back :wink:

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